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Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees are a destructive bee that creates tunnels in desirable wood on and near homes.
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Hort Oil vs. Dormant Oil

Your trees and shrubs may go dormant in the fall and winter but the creepy crawlies will be back for them in spring and summer. Protect them from insects and disease by applying Dormant Spray or Horticultural Oil.
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Pillbug & Sowbug

Pillbug, also known as “roly-poly” and sowbug, also known as woodlice (which can NOT roll up) are not insects, they are terrestrial crustaceans called isopods. These are nocturnal and live their entire life on land. During the day they hide in dark, humid places– under rocks, logs, leaf litter and other such locations.

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Elm Leaf Beetle

ELB is a beetle that is about 1/4 inch long, slender, yellow-green with black stripes. There are also two black spots on the head and thorax. These beetles feed on almost all elms, but Siberian and American elms are their favorite.

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Camel Cricket

Camel cricket, also called cave cricket or spider cricket, gets its name from the humped back like a camel and long legs, which make it look like a spider. Unlike other crickets the adults do not have wings and do not chirp. They often congregate in large numbers, with their main form of damage being fecal matter that stains wherever they hide. The presence of large numbers of camel crickets increases the number of mice and rats by providing a food source.
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Boxelder Bug

Boxelder bugs are a common nuisance insect to many homeowners. Even though they are active all summer long, they are rarely noticed as a nuisance until fall when they congregate on the South and West sides of the house and other buildings.
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Bagworms winter over as eggs in the bag of the female from the year before. So the first measure of control can come by hand-picking all the bags from last year.
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Grasshopper Control

Grasshoppers can cause great economical damage to crops, turf, landscapes and gardens.
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Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted Lanternfly is an invasive insect native to China that was first found in Pennsylvania in 2014. Since then it has now been found in eight states from Virginia to Massachusetts.
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What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is made from the fossilized remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms. Their skeletons are made of a natural substance called silica—which makes up 26% of the Earth’s crust by weight.
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Fall Webworms

The Fall Webworm is a widely distributed native pest of shade trees and shrubs and appears from late summer through early fall.
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Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle

Multicolored Asian lady beetle is also known as Halloween lady beetle, Japanese lady beetle, Asian
lady beetle or Asian ladybug. These are “accidental invaders” that congregate around buildings in large numbers (Image 1), eventually finding their way into buildings. They do not harm anything when they are inside or outside, other than just being a nuisance. They are also known to “pinch” or bite when they land on people, rarely breaking the skin, but it still hurts.
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