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Spray Additives

Learn about Spray Additive and how they can make lawn and garden chemicals more effective.
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Landscape Weeds

The landscape bed offers some challenges with weed control because there is a fine line between a weed and a desirable plant
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Ground Ivy

Ground Ivy, most commonly called Creeping Charlie is one of the most difficult weeds to control.
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Wild Garlic/ Wild Onions

Wild garlic and wild onion are cool-season perennial broadleaf weeds. Both have slender, smooth leaves that produce a strong odor. Wild garlic has hollow stems, while wild onions are not hollow and tend to be more flat.
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Quick Reference Weed Chart

Use this quick reference chart to find a weed and the product solution for it.
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Get The Dirt On Healthy Soil

Hi-Yield® Fast Acting Lime and Fast Acting Gypsum are designed to start working immediately to improve your soil conditions.
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Spreader Sticker

Hi-Yield® Spreader Sticker is a non-ionic surfactant that makes almost all chemicals more effective by breaking down the  surface tension of water.
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Bermudagrass Control/Suppression

For some people, Bermudagrass makes a nice lawn. It requires little care or maintenance so is perfect for them. Others don’t like the invasive nature and the fact that it is only green during the warmest months, greening up late in the spring and going dormant “turning brown”, early in the fall or late summer.
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Grasshopper Control

Grasshoppers can cause great economical damage to crops, turf, landscapes and gardens.
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Fungicides 101

Eliminating a fungus takes multiple applications. Often the symptoms remain visible after applying a control product making it hard to tell if it was effective or not. 

Let's help you decide which fungicide is best for your situation.

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Make Your Yard a Weed Free Zone

The ferti•lome Weed-Free Zone family of products is your go-to weed killer in our product line.
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