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Quick Reference Guide: Fruits and Veggies

Download our 16-page guide to safely treating your nuts, fruits and vegetables for disease, insects and weeds.

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Weeds In & Around The Vegetable Garden

Before you break ground on a new garden plot, or have an existing garden that has many weeds and grasses, treat the area before seeding and planting.
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Colorado Potato Beetle

Adult beetles overwinter in potato fields, field margins, windbreaks and gardens. They become active about the same time the potatoes emerge in the spring. They mate and the female lays eggs in clusters of 10 to 30 on the under side of the leaf
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Fruit Tree Care

Fruit tree care.
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Get The Dirt On Growing Tomatoes

How to care for your tomatoes from planting to blossoming
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Blossom End Rot

Blossom End Rot is a physiological disorder of tomatoes where the tissue of the blossom end of the fruit (the part of the fruit opposite the stem) breaks down and rots, thus reducing yield. 
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Fungicides 101

Eliminating a fungus takes multiple applications. Often the symptoms remain visible after applying a control product making it hard to tell if it was effective or not. 

Let's help you decide which fungicide is best for your situation.

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Composting is the biological decomposition or organic matter into a product beneficial for plant growth and soil conditioning.
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Growing Tomatoes

Tomatoes grow well in soil that drains well and receives at least 6 hours of sunlight daily, so be sure and pick out an area that will be best suited for them.
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Garden Fungus

Early blight and leaf spot are two of the most common forms of fungus in the garden.

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