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DECIMATEā„¢ Weed & Grass Killer: Glyphosate Alternative

 ferti•lome® DECIMATE™ Weed & Grass Killer is a Group 10 Herbicide that is a non-selective herbicide for grassy and broadleaf weeds, plus some woody plant control products. It will kill all green vegetation contacted by spray
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Spreader Sticker

Hi-Yield® Spreader Sticker is a non-ionic surfactant that makes almost all chemicals more effective by breaking down the  surface tension of water.
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Which Crabgrass Preventer Is Right For You?

Crabgrass is a summer annual grassy weed that can spread thousands of seeds during its lifespan.
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Which KILLZALLā„¢ Is Right For You?

Hi-Yield Killzall is a line of non-selective weed and grass killer products.
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Burweed, also known as Lawn Burweed, Spurweed and Stickerweed, is a flat growing, frilly, broadleaf weed. It is almost pretty, forming thick green mats in spring. The bur that forms in the summer as it dries out is what becomes the problem.
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Bermudagrass Control/Suppression

For some people, Bermudagrass makes a nice lawn. It requires little care or maintenance so is perfect for them. Others don’t like the invasive nature and the fact that it is only green during the warmest months, greening up late in the spring and going dormant “turning brown”, early in the fall or late summer.
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Make Your Yard a Weed Free Zone

The ferti•lome Weed-Free Zone family of products is your go-to weed killer in our product line.
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Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Poison Sumac

Both Western and Eastern Poison Ivy occur over a large part of the U. S. It can be found as a low growing shrub, a vine along the ground or a vine that climbs to the top of the tallest tree. 
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