Organic Non-Selective Weed Killers

Use and consumption of organic goods is no longer a trend but a lifestyle choice. The consumer market is now dominated by a younger generation who is hypersensitive to environmental sustainability and how the environment directly affects their own families. They are reducing waste with recycled products, driving more energy-efficient vehicles, buying organically-grown foods, and reducing household chemical exposure including those used in their lawns and gardens.


We at ferti•lome® are continuing to expand our natural product offerings to meet the demands of homeowners wanting natural and organic lawn care products. Now available is an all-natural non-selective lawn and weed killer.

Natural Guard® brand by ferti•lome® Non-selective Grass & Weed Killer

ferti•lome® "Green" Label Non-selective Grass & Weed Killer is an organic herbicidal soap (formulation: Ammoniated Soap of Fatty Acids 3.68%) that kills nearly all unwanted grasses and weeds and is effective on algae and moss.  This is an ideal natural option for preparing beds for vegetables, grass or flowers and allows for planting in as few as five days. Also great for use on mulch areas, around planters, raised beds, driveways, patios, foundations and fences. This ready-to-use product is available in 1-gallon and 32-ounce sizes and is fast-acting with visible results in as few as 20 minutes. OMRI Listed for organic use.