Hort Oil vs. Dormant Oil

Your trees and shrubs may go dormant in the fall and winter but the creepy crawlies will be back for them in spring and summer. Protect them from insects and disease by applying Dormant Spray or Horticultural Oil. Which is better for you? Read below for a recap of the two items to help you determine which is best for your situation.

ferti•lome® "Green" Label Horticultural Oil

Contains: 96% Canola Oil (Highly Refined)

Controls Adelgids, Aphids, Mites, Leafhoppers, Mealybugs, Scale, Psyllids, Immature Plant Bugs, Sawfly Larvae, Whiteflies and kills all stages of insects, including eggs, Powdery Mildew.
Control almost all stages of  insects – eggs, nymphs and adults – by suffocation.

May be used in all seasons:
Dormant: Will work if it freezes after the application dries, daytime over 35°.
Growing Season: Will NOT burn plants when used at under 90° if plants are hydrated (watered, not drought stressed).

  • If temps are over 90°, water plant 24 hours prior to application, apply in early morning or very late evening.
  • Has some surface fungus control properties.
  • This is your BEST Spidermite Control!
  • Apply any time of the year!
  • OMRI Listed for organic use
  • Available in two sizes: 16 oz. 16042 and 32 oz. RTS 16045
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    Hi-Yield® Dormant Spray

    Contains: 98.8% Mineral Oil

    Control for a wide range of Scale, Mites, Fruit Tree Rollers, Pear Psylla, Fall Armyworms and Whiteflies.
    Control almost all stages of  insects – eggs, nymphs and adults – by suffocation.

    Has temperature restrictions:
    Dormant: Use on a day over 50° where it doesn’t freeze for 24 hours afterwards.
    Growing Season: Will burn plants when used at or over 90°. (Can burn, even if sprayed after dark if temp is over 90°).

  • Has NO surface fungus control properties.
  • Apply in the early Spring or late Fall.
  • Available in three sizes: 16 oz. 32033; 32 oz. 32034; Gal. 32043
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    * Always read and follow directions. Always spray oils in the early morning. 
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