Camel Cricket

Camel cricket, also called cave cricket or spider cricket (Images 1 & 2), gets its name from the humped back like a camel and long legs, which make it look like a spider. Unlike other crickets the adults do not have wings and do not chirp. They often congregate in large numbers (Images 3 & 5), with their main form of damage being fecal matter (Image 4) that stains wherever they hide. The presence of large numbers of camel crickets increases the number of mice and rats by providing a food source (Image 7).

In the outdoors camel crickets like moist areas under stones, logs, firewood, overgrown areas of vegetation and other protected hiding places.

Indoors they are attracted to cool, moist/humid areas such as storage buildings, garages, crawlspaces, basement or areas where moisture may be a problem, like bathrooms and laundry areas. Mostly they are a nuisance, but they can damage stored items (garments, linens, etc.). Camel crickets overwinter as nymphs or adults. In early spring the females lay eggs in the soil, with the eggs hatching in a few weeks. Crickets that enter buildings typically don’t lay eggs inside and usually die by fall or early winter.


The first step of control is exclusion; caulk and seal around doors and windows, and the bottom of siding (Image 6). Fix or reduce moisture indoors. Reduce ground cover and plants from around the foundation. Remove stacks of firewood or stacked lumber.

Chemical exclusion would be the next step. Treat the foundation and around buildings using Hi-Yield® 38 Plus, Hi-Yield® Indoor/Outdoor Broad Use Insecticide or Hi-Yield® Bug Blaster II, which can be sprayed on fire wood or lumber. Treat the yard and in a band around the foundation using Hi-Yield® Bug Blaster II Granules or Hi-Yield® Turf Ranger II, alternating between these two each time you apply.

Natural Guard® Brand by ferti•lome® Bug, Slug & Snail Bait is a very effective cricket bait. Apply near dark and lightly water and the crickets will feed and hide to die.

For indoors and outdoor use Hi-Yield® Multi-Use Dust is the most effective and longest lasting product. Also, Natural Guard® Brand by ferti•lome® Diatomaceous Earth is a natural product option that is very safe to use around pets.

Spray inside buildings, sheds and in basements and crawlspaces with Hi-Yield® Indoor/Outdoor Broad Use Insecticide. For a water-based, low-odor option, spray around doors, windows and baseboards with ferti•lome® Indoor/Outdoor Multi-purpose Aerosol Spray.



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