How to Make Water Balloon Marbles

This has limitless fun for kids and adults. Kids will love playing outside with giant marbles, while the adults can either decorate their lawn… or their neighbor's! This project isn’t something Texans can enjoy for long since we have a lack of snow, so you can do this one of two ways. Let’s add a splash of color to snow and make water balloon marbles!

What you’ll need:

Food coloring

(Image Source: 'Queen Vanna')

How to make it:

1. Fill balloons with water and add food coloring.
2. Place outside until frozen (or for southern states place in your freezer until frozen).
3. Once frozen use a pair of scissors to remove the balloon and place outside to brighten up that snow!

Watch for leaks, food coloring may stain. Also black gloves or gloves you don’t mind staining while you handle the marbles.