Professional Secret Revealed!

The professional secret for the gardeners dynamic duo – Roses & Tomatoes – has been revealed!

Rose and Tomato plants share many of the same horticultural needs; they both prefer a sunny location and can require higher maintenance needs for optimal performance. In addition most roses and tomatoes need additional Magnesium.

Magnesium tends to wash out of the soil when there is too much rain (or watering) and gets used up by fast growing plants. Magnesium and Sulfate are both needed for proper seed germination and chlorophyll production, and they aid in the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

To correct Magnesium deficiencies, Hi-Yield recommends Agricultural Limestone and Magnesium Sulfate. Using the Agricultural Limestone before or at planting time and then also side dressing or watering in the Magnesium Sulfate twice during the season to established plants will give optimum results. The Agricultural Limestone also adds calcium, improves soil condition and bacterial action. For an extra boost, add the Magnesium Sulfate to Blooming & Rooting Water Soluble Plant Food in a watering can. Fill it with lukewarm water, mix well, and water plants. Expect beautiful blooms, lush green foliage and stronger root development.

Please read and follow label directions.