Leaves: Should they stay or should they go?

With the autumn breeze one thing is certain, there will be leaves! Bags stuffed full and piled high for the trash is a common sight but I don’t see nuisance in the collection of all the leaves, rather I see potential nutrients being thrown out. Raking seems like a never ending job especially if you don’t have a purpose for all those leaves. Here at ferti•lome we want you to know you labor is not in vain, repurpose those leaves - - we’ll tell you how.

Lawn Soil Amendment – No raking required. Leave them where they lay and shred the leaves by mowing over them a few times. The smaller the pieces, the quicker they break down and provide nutrients to your lawn.

Compost – The purpose of compost is to recycle food and yard scraps to create nutrient rich growing media. Shred your leaves before adding them to your compost pile and be sure to rotate your compost. When selecting a location for your compost pile, HGTV recommends that it be situated away from nearby tree roots, because roots will quickly spread through the pile and suck all the nutrients out of the compost.

Leaf Mulch – Mulch allows the plants to retain heat and water while preventing weeds from germinating. Gather dry leaves and pine needles too. Shred the leaves by mowing over them a few times and then layer at the base of plants.

Use the nutrients that nature gives you. Whether you repurpose your leaves as a soil amendment, compost or leaf mulch, your plants will love you and you’ll see the difference in the spring!