How to Make a Gingerbread Tree

On the 10th Day of Christmas, ferti-lome showed me…
How to Make a Gingerbread Tree!

Two things you can count on every Christmas with my family: my uncle will be late, and the yummy Gingerbread Tree! No one can touch it until grandma secretly steals the star -- after that the cookies are fair game. Don't turn your nose up just yet, if you're not a fan of gingerbread, this can be made with sugar cookies too!

What you’ll need:

Gingerbread recipe
Star cookie cutters – at least 4 different sizes
Sprinkles or other candy decorations
Peppermint candy

How to make it:

1. Prepare the cookie recipe, cut and bake stars. (Pictured are 8 cookies. For a taller tree cut 3-4 cookies from each size cutter.)
2. Let cookies cool completely. Decorate the smallest cookie for the top and set aside to harden.
3. Stack the cookies by offsetting the points. For stability add a dab of icing between cookies.
4. When you get to the top star, prop a peppermint candy behind it and secure the candy with a dab of icing.
5. Let sit for 30 minutes to harden; then announce no one can have a cookie until the star is stolen!