Fields of Yellow Before My Eyes!

What makes Dandelion removal from lawns so difficult? They enjoy the best of both worlds. Above-ground, their seeds ride the wind currents, poised to drop into the slightest opening in your lawn to propagate the species. Meanwhile, below-ground, they strike down a taproot up to 10" long. Pulling the taproot as a means of dandelion removal is problematic. Thick but brittle, the taproot easily fractures -- and any fraction of the taproot that remains in the ground will regenerate.

ferti•lome® Weed Free Zone

  • Controls this difficult lawn distraction

  • Consistent fast weed control

  • Proven cool weather performance

Use it for those really hard to control weeds, such as: Ground Ivy (Creeping Charlie), Wild Violets, and Clover. Plus it will control almost all other broadleaf weeds found in your yard, check out the label.

Weed-Free Zone comes in many convenient sizes and types of application. A liquid concentrate, a ready to use with a trigger sprayer (RTU), and a ready to spray (RTS), just hook up to a hose and go out and spray.

ferti•lome® Weed Free Zone Plus Lawn Fertilizer

A granule with a fertilizer that has 5% Iron and 10% Sulfur for a DEEP Green.

They are tough but not impossible with ferti•lome®