Fertilizing Flowers


When planting, always give your new plant a head start by using ferti•lome® Root Stimulator. After mixing 3½ Tbs per gallon of water, dig the hole and pour about half of your mixture into the hole.  As it is absorbing into the soil, place the root ball in so it absorbs some of the mixture. Backfill the hole and pour the rest of your mixture around the top.  Reapply at least 3 times 10 to 14 days apart.

When planting anything, ferti•lome® Root Stimulator is the most important step.


When feeding flowers there are two good options
1.    First, and the least amount of work, is to fertilize with ferti•lome® Premium Bedding Plant Food. This is a 7-22-8 fertilizer with both quick and slow release fertilizer that will help increase the number of flowers and how long they last. It also has 5 micronutrients which help to increase the vibrancy of the flowers. Apply and water in every 4 to 6 weeks.
2.    Second is a little more work and involves the use of two products:
  • ferti•lome® Blooming & Rooting is a 9-58-8 plant food that you simply mix with water and apply when watering. With this much Phosphorous, it takes over where the Root Stimulator left off, continuing root growth and increasing drought tolerance. It will also stimulate a ton of blossoms.
  • But we reach a point in the summer when it is too hot to push roots and blooms. Start using ferti•lome® 20-20-20 All Purpose Water Soluble Plant Food with each watering. This is a balanced formula that supplies all the nutrients the plant wants and needs. As it warms up, alternate between these two products to maintain bud production and to maintain the vigor of the plant.
    Always finish the year out with the ferti•lome® 20-20-20 All Purpose Water Soluble Plant Food. This late fertilizing will extend the season into the fall by increasing the cold hardiness.

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