All-New Full Line Of Natural And Organic Fertilizers

Natural Guard® by ferti•lome® is dedicated to making products that allow all homeowners to feel good about their lawn and garden choices. Now available is a full line of natural and organic fertilizers. READ MORE.




Lawn and Garden Guides

Find the products you need from the brands you can trust.

Bug Guide

Bug Identification Guide

Insects can rob your trees, shrubs, lawns and flowers especially roses of vital nutrients. They can decrease the yield or prevent the production of high quality fruits and vegetables. We make several products to help control pests effectively with synthetic or ORGANIC controls. Learn More
Weed Guide

Weed Identification Guide

Are your weeds taking over? Weeds can rob lawns and gardens of vital nutrients and affect your harvest. Our Weed Guide will help you identify your weeds and the best way to treat and control them.

Lawn Care Guide

Lawn Care Guide

Make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood! Check out our Lawn Care Guide for information on the best ways to treat your lawn all year 'round. 

OMRI Listed Products

VPG is continuing to expand our natural product offerings so that all homeowners can feel good about their lawn and garden choices. More OMRI listed products are coming soon!


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