Fescue Lawn Care Guide

Lawn Care Programs vary according to location.

Contact your local independent garden center for more specific direction. Find a dealer near you.

Application 1 September 

Seed or Over-seed with a premium variety of Fescue Seed. Apply Natural Guard® brand by ferti•lome®Soil Activator to enhance the viability of the emerging Fescue seed. Natural Guard® brand by ferti•lome® Soil Activator will promote up to 30% more root development in emerging grasses, while also enhancing later fertilizer applications.


Application 2 October

After mowing apply ferti•lome® New Lawn Starter Ferilizer. fertilome® New Lawn Starter Fertilizer will stimulate growth in newly established Fescue lawns, contains trace elements. Water thoroughly after application. After 60 days (or new seed is established) an application of Hi-Yield® Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper Containing Dimension will help prevent weeds.


Application 3 March

Apply ferti•lome® Weed Out Plus Lawn Fertilizer, a premium higher Nitrogen lawn food to control many broadleaf weeds & green-up the lawn. For more thorough weed control follow up with ferti•lome® Weed Free Zone in 10-14 days. If weeds are not a problem use ferti•lome® Classic Lawn Food with Slow Release Nitrogen.


Application 4 May

Apply ferti•lome® Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Food with Dimension to keep your lawn looking its best while preventing Crabgrass along with many other weeds throughout the summer.


Application 5 June

Applying Natural Guard® brand by ferti•lome® Soil Activator will help to increase microbial soil activity resulting in better efficacy of fertilizers and herbicides. Apply ferti•lome® Lawn Food Plus Iron. Its special Chelated formulation will help to promote deep greening for the summer. Be sure to water thoroughly after applying.


Application 6 August/September

Seed or over-seed with a premium Fescue seed if needed. If you are planning to over seed in August, make another application of  ferti•lome® Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Food with Dimension. Apply ferti•lome® New Lawn Starter Fertilizer with its special formulation to ensure your grass seed has the essential nutrients for developmental growth in these early stages. Be sure to water thoroughly after applying.