Bug Control Guide

Ugh bug, short ones, long ones, green ones….. NOW GONE ONES!

Insects can rob your trees, shrubs, lawns and flowers especially roses of vital nutrients. They can decrease the yield or prevent the production of high quality fruits and vegetables. We make several products to help control pests effectively with synthetic or ORGANIC controls. If you’re interested in simplifying your life, some of our products even have bug control mixed with fertilizers or fungicides to solve several problems with fewer applications. Please look at our line for solutions for every part of your yard.

Use our bug guide to properly identify the bug you would like to manage and click to see what products can help. For expert advice, visit with the knowledgeable staff of your independent garden center.

Click to download a printable Insect ChartBug Chart and tips to Insect Chart Know Your EnemyKnow Your Enemy.