Bermuda & Zoysia Lawn Care Guide

Lawn Care Programs vary according to location.

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Application 1 February

ferti•lome® Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Food with Dimension should be applied in February before the grass has greened up and the weed seeds have begun to germinate. This product prevents listed weeds (both broadleaf and grassy type) from sprouting. It also provides a balanced lawn fertilization. For weed control spray with ferti•lome® Weed Free Zone 10-14 days later.


Application 2 March-May

ferti•lome® Weed Free Zone Plus Lawn Fertilizer should be applied early spring through May. Wet the lawn before applying, wait 24 hours then water thoroughly. This product will control most common broadleaf weeds while providing a balanced lawn food. For more thorough weed control spray ferti•lome® Weed Free Zone 10-14 days later.


Application 3 June

ferti•lome® Lawn Food Plus Iron should be applied in June. This product will noticeably green-up a lawn almost overnight & keep it green long term. This lawn food contains Chelated iron which is rapidly available to the turf. For best results apply monthly in the summer, weather permitting.


Application 4 Fall

ferti•lome® Winterizer for Established Lawns may be applied in the fall to both lawns & shrubs. It better enables turf, trees & shrubs to withstand the rigors of winter. Its effects are similar to putting on an overcoat in the winter. Applying extra potash enables Warm Season grasses to over winter better and be healthier in the spring. For additional weed control apply ferti•lome® Winterizer & Weed Preventer II For Southern Grasses w/ Dimension.


Application 5 Winter & Spring

Hi-Yield® Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper Containing Dimension may be applied in winter and again in spring for the prevention of many common lawn weeds. It will also stop Crabgrass from germinating & destroys the weed during the first five weeks of its growth.