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Bloomin' Garden Centre

Anderson's Seed & Garden Store

Our business became shareholders of VPG in the mid 70's, and had sold Ferti-lome and Hi-Yield products for as long as I can remember.  However, in 2000, we started eliminating all other brands from our shelves, except what we could not purchase from VPG, and we immediately saw a huge increase in our business, and most importantly in our margins.  Since then, we have consistently compared similar product pricing across the major independent brands, and with our early order, full truckload discounts, Scott's, Bonide, Monterey, Lilly Miller, and everyone else, hasn't been able to come close to our profit margins with VPG products; and that doesn't even include our co-op advertising or our patronage refund!  With VPG products, we can control our prices, set our own margins, and sell the most complete line of independently owned products available, without worrying about Big Boxes undercutting us at every turn.  Why would we sell someone else's product when we can sell the products that we own ourselves?  Buying and selling VPG products makes our company more money and helps maintain our position as "the place" to get answers to our customers gardening questions.

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