Become a Dealer

    Why VPG? You Own Us!

    100% Owned by Independent Retailers & Distributors

    VPG™ is sold 100% to Independent Retailers. We can assure you that you will NEVER find a ferti-lome®, Hi-Yield®, or Natural Guard® brand product in Walmart, Lowe’s or Home Depot.

    Ownership Benefit Highlights

    • A partner committed to your success, providing services not otherwise available to you at competitive prices.

    • Co-Op advertising allowance which can be used in print, radio or TV media. The purpose of the ferti-lome® Co-Op Advertising Program is to combine the financial resources of manufacturing, distributing and retailing to help encourage as many customers as possible to seek the advice, services and products of the independent operators in the VPG™ Group.

    • POP (Point of Purchase) materials available for your use to optimize your selling efforts.


    PATRONAGE REFUNDS are paid annually from the Company’s net savings. The refund period is VPG’s fiscal year beginning November 1st and ending October 31st.

    The Patron’s total refund is paid 80% in VPG™ stock and 20% in cash until the stock requirement is reached. VPG™ is unique in that stock is not sold – it is earned as part of the Patronage Refund. Thus, no out-of-pocket investment must be made to become a VPG™ Stockholder.


    Have a question on how to become a dealer?

    Contact our corporate office at 1-888-583-LAWN (5296)
    Or submit an online request