32421 Fire Ant Control Granules - L

Fire Ant Control Granules (3.5 lb)

Fire Ant Control Granules is designed for use as a ready-to-use granular insecticide to control listed surface feeding insects. The dual active ingredients of Zeta-Cypermethrin and Bifenthrin have sufficient knockdown and residual activity to provide remedial and residual control of surface feeding pests. 

•    Use In lawns, flowers, shrubs & ornamental plant beds
•    Controls chinch bugs, sod webworms, fleas, ticks, and other lawn pests listed on the back • Kills mole crickets
•    Starts to work immediately after watering in or irrigating

Brand: Hi-Yield
Product Number: 32421
Size: 3.5 lb
UPC Number: 7 32221 32421 3