Iron Plus Soil Acidifier 11-0-0 (25 lbs)

Contains a pelletized material that will turn Yellow plants and grasses Green fast. Will not burn when used as directed.

Application Rates:

  • Water thoroughly after application.
  • Lawns: Consult label for alkalinity Shrubs: 4 tablespoons per average shrub in top 2-4 inches of soil.
  • Trees: 12 tablespoons for trees up to 3 inches in trunk diameter. 16 tablespoons for trees with 4 inches or more in trunk diameter...equally applied in holes 10 to 12 inches deep around the drip line of tree. 
  • Caution: Will stain concrete and pavement! 

Always Read and Follow Label Directions.
Brand: Hi-Yield
Cases Per Pallet: 81
Product Number: 32260
Size: 25 lbs
UPC Number: 7-32221-32260-8

Product Use & Description Audio

Hy Iron Plus Soil Acidifier