Herbicide Granules Weed and Grass Preventer (4 lbs)

An easy way to prevent weed growth around ornamental trees, shrubs, and in listed flower and vegetable gardens.

Controls annual Bluegrass, Barnyardgrass ( Watergrass), Crabgrass, Johnson Grass (from seed), Carpetweed, Chickweed, Knotweed, Kochia, Purslane, Sandbur, Brachiaria, Bromegrass, Cheat, Foxtail Goosegrass, Junglerice, Stinkgrass, Sprangle-top, Texas Panicum, Wildcane, Carelessweed, Florida Purslane, Goosefoot, Lambsquarter, Pigweed, Russian Thistle and Stinging nettle.
Brand: Hi-Yield
Cases Per Pallet: 40
Product Number: 22742
Size: 4 lbs.
UPC Number: 7-32221-22742-2

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