Liquid Carbaryl Garden Spray (8 oz)


Use on Fruit, Citrus & Shade Trees & Lawns, Ornamentals, Shrubs, Flowers & Vegetables. 

Use to control Ants, Apple Aphid, Armyworm, Azalea Leafminer, Bagworms, Birch Leafminer, Cutworms, Fuller Rose Beetle, Grasshoppers, Japanese Beetles, Aphids, Elm Leaf Beetle, Cicads (17-year Locust), Blister Beetles, Leafhoppers, Mealybugs, Rose Aphid, Rose Chafer Scale Insects, Tent Caterpillar, Webworms and many other chewing insects.

Easy to Use.  Can be Used as Often as Once a Week.

Always Read and Follow Label Directions.
Brand: Fertilome
Cases Per Pallet: 115
Product Number: 10196
Size: 8 oz
UPC Number: 7-32221-10196-8