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Leaves: Should They Stay or Should They Go

Raking seems like a never ending job especially if you don’t have a purpose for all those leaves. Here at ferti-lome we want you to know your labor is not in vain, re-purpose those leaves - - we’ll tell you how

How to Save Pumpkin Seeds

Consider saving seeds to plant for next years' crop, here's how to do it.


How To Calibrate Your Spreader

Unfortunately, because granular products come in many different particle sizes and densities, the speed you walk, spreader condition, texture of ground and other factors, there is no way to determine a universal pounds per thousand spreader setting. One simple solution would be to do a 50 foot by 20 foot test. The 50 by 20 rule will allow you to determine appropriate pounds per thousand rates for any product in any spreader.

  • Weigh out and place enough material in the hopper to cover 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Place the spreader setting on a low setting about 1/4 of the way open.
  • Apply the weighed material over a 50 x 20 ft. area (This is 1,000 sq. ft.).

If material is left over, you are under applying, and will need to increase the setting accordingly; before applying to the remainder of the lawn. If you come up short, you are over applying and you will need to decrease the setting; before applying to the remainder of the lawn.

2016 Stockholder's Meeting

The 2016 VPG Stockholder’s Meeting is right around the corner. If you have not already registered, please Register Now!

Download a preview of the 2016 VPG Stockholder's Meeting Agenda.

The meeting will take place at the beautiful Omni Interlocken Resort outside of Denver CO., July 8-10 and is open to all distributors, dealers, their associates and their family members.


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Product Spotlight

F-Stop Lawn & Garden Fungicide

Contains 1.0% Myclobutanil in a water based formula­tion, labeled for use on Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Roses, Flowers, Shrubs, Berries and Lawns.

This product will provide systemic protection against major lawn diseases and plant diseases including: Powdery Mildew, Black Spot, Rust, Scab, Brown Rot, Leaf Spot, Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Red Thread, Summer Patch, Melting Out, Gray Leaf Spot, Fusarium, Anthracnose, Shot Hole, Cercospora.

Since the product is locally systemic in plants, it attacks dis­ease from the inside out by hindering cell wall growth in harm­ful pathogens. Unlike some other locally systemic products, it protects new foliage by translocating to new growth.

Available in a pint concentrate & quart RTS.