Ground Ivy

Ground Ivy

(Glechoma hederacea)

Ground ivy is a creeping winter perennial. The leaves are round to kidney shaped with round toothed edges. The leaves are opposite on long petiole attached to square stems that root at the nodes. It is usually found in moist shaded areas, but also tolerate sun very well. Ground ivy will form dense mats which can take over areas of turfgrass.

Ground ivy is a highly aggressive plant species which will quickly invade turf areas from adjacent properties or ornamental planting areas. Management attempts based on physical removal of ground ivy plants require constant vigilance and careful attention. The stem runners can be several feet long, and the failure to remove all plants along the entire length will result in re-infestation. Additionally, all planted ornamental beds must be cleaned out as well to avoid ground ivy spreading from these areas. If an adjacent property is not properly maintained and is infested with ground ivy, property perimeters will require constant attention.

Maintenance of dense stands of turfgrass with good insect and disease control and a sound fertility program will help prevent major infestations.

Source: Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University