Weed Control for Lawns

VPG produces an array of products to help rid your lawn of unsightly weeds. The products labeled for use in lawns are what we call “selective” weed control products meaning they control weeds but will not harm turf grasses. Not all of these products are for use in all types of grasses. But given the vast number of products we produce, we will usually have a solution for your type of grass.

Weed Control for your lawn is generally approached in one of two ways:
1. Pre-emergent weed control (controls weeds before they germinate)
2. Post-emergent weed control (controls weeds after they are up and growing)

Furthermore, the types of weeds in turf grasses can generally be broken down in to two large categories:
1. Turf-type Weeds (Crabgrass, Dallisgrass, etc.) these weeds generally have a grass-type blade.
2. Broad-Leaf Weeds (Dandelions, Clover, Henbit, etc) this category covers most weeds that do not have a grass-type blade.

Many of these products are available in both a granule and liquid form. In many cases these products will be part of a simple multi-step lawn care program that will kill and prevent weeds and will keep your lawn green and healthy. Your local VPG Dealer can help you find the right type of weed control product for your type of lawn specific to your location. Our goal is to offer you “local solutions for local problems™”.