Using Herbs as Companion Plants in Your Garden

Using Herbs as Companion Plants in Your Garden

Herbs work especially well as companion plants by attracting beneficial insects and repelling pest insects. Their fragrance and foliage make them a natural pest repellent in your vegetable gardens and for ornamental borders. Once you master companion planting, herb gardening takes on a whole new dimension. These are examples of companion planting in the vegetable and herb garden. Certain plants help each other thrive. Here is a brief list of herbs that are often planted near vegetables and fruits to encourage growth, deter pests, and even improve your soil. Keep in mind that these work in conjunction with your local environment and other factors that may alter the outcome.

Basil - Plant three basil plants to every tomato. Basil loves humans and animals, and would like to be your best friend in the kitchen and on the patio since it repels flies and mosquitoes.

Chamomile - Plant with onion and cabbage.

Chives - Plant near your carrots and apple trees. Chives steeped in water makes a great spray to kill powdery mildew disease.

Dill - Plant near cabbage, lettuce, corn, and cucumber. Don't plant near fennel to avoid cross pollination.

Garlic - Plant near fruit trees and tomatoes. Repels red spider mites. Great insecticide steeped in water - see "Natural and Organic Pest Control."

Geranium - Plant near corn and grapes. It's also effective against red spider mite.

Horseradish - Loves potatoes but spreads prolifically. Repels potato bugs.

Hyssop - Plant near cabbage and grapes.

Lemon Balm - Great for tomatoes.

Marjoram - Likes almost everything.

Mint - Plant near cabbage but never near parsley.

Nasturtium - Loves cole crops (collard, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower), fruit trees, and radishes. Great insect repellent.

Oregano - Loves cole crops and grape vines. Insect repellent for cucumber beetle.

Parsley - Loves tomatoes, carrots, chives, and asparagus but cannot abide by mint.

Rosemary - Loves beans, carrots, cabbage and sage but not potatoes.

Sage - Keeps company well with rosemary, cabbage and carrots but never with cucumbers.

Summer Savory - Has been seen in the company of onions and beans.

Tarragon - Likes almost everything.

Thyme - Keeps worms away from cabbage.