Tips for Successful Vegetable Gardening

There’s really no need for large acreage! Most plants can grow in a container. You can plant some of your vegetables, flowers and herbs in smaller sized containers or planters for sprouting on your balconies, decks, and windowsills.

To achieve a successful vegetable garden, follow these easy steps:

  1. Whether you are planting in containers or on the land, choose a place that has enough protection from strong winds and free from rocks and weeds. And of course, abundant sun light all day is very important.

  2. Test the soil every 2 to 3 years and add fertilizer as needed. Compost and aged manure is very helpful for growing plants, add those every year.

  3. Plants should be rotated from year to year. Rotating plants helps prevent pests and diseases in your vegetable garden.

  4. Gardening involves lots of effort to meet your goal. Begin with the small gardens to avoid being overwhelmed. A tended garden is what will get you results.

  5. Choose only those seeds that you and your family like to eat.

  6. Do a little research. This will help you to have you enough knowledge to grow your vegetables in accordance to your area and climate.

  7. Water your plants early in the day. Water deeply near the base of the plants.

  8. Check on your plants every single day to protect them from pests. The sooner you notice pests, the easier it is to do something about it.

  9. Maintain your garden shapes by cutting, trimming or removing unwanted dead leaves, vines and weeds. This will help your plants to grow healthy.