Practicing Natural Yard Care

VPG™ prides itself in producing a variety of quality products that the consumer can trust in using and defines its minimum low risk products to assure the gardener in what they are cultivating into their soil.

Natural - a product derived from animal/biological, mineral, or plant sources, in a form substantially as it occurs in nature. Materials may be altered or manipulated to put them in a physical form that allows them to be efficiently used in the application process.

Organic - Technically, any substance containing carbon is organic. Both naturally occurring and manmade products may be organic. A common misconception is that “organic” and “natural” have the same meaning.

Reduced Risk - Low-impact on human health, low toxicity to non-target species (birds, fish, pets and plants), low potential for groundwater contamination, lower use rates, low pest resistance potential and compatibility with Integrated Pest Management.