Keeping A Christmas Tree Fresh

Whether your Christmas tree rivals the ‘Rockefeller Center Christmas’ tree or is more like ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ tree, one thing is certain – you want to keep it fresh. Essentially all you need is water, but there are a few specifics to consider before going on a tree hunt.

Wrap the tree to keep the wind from drying it out. Most trees travel on a vehicle with the trunk facing into the wind which can dry out the tree before it even makes it home. Be sure to cover it with plactic, burlap or some other type of covering.

Re-cut the trunk. Unless you cut your own tree, it is possible that your tree has been cut for weeks. By now the vascular system that draws up water will have clogged. Cut off 1/4 inch of the bottom of the trunk so the vascular system will be open again, allowing for water uptake. NOTE: Drilling holes or cutting at an angle will not increase the water uptake.

Choose a good spot for the tree - away from vents, heaters, fireplaces or cold drafts. Constant heat or fluctuating temperatures can dry out a tree quickly.

Water the tree immediately after cutting and placing in the stand. Just use plain water, no additives are necessary and check the tree twice a day to keep the stand full of water.

If you follow these simple steps your tree will stay alive and smelling fresh all season long.