How to Make Luminaries

On the 5th Day of Christmas, ferti-lome showed me…
How to Make Luminaries!

A new tradition for my family is a homemade Christmas approach. We’ve grown so much it’s near impossible to shop for everyone. That’s when fun projects like this one come in handy. Up-cycle those metal cans and Let’s make some beautiful luminaries!

What you’ll need:

Metal cans
Stencils or patterns
Permanent marker
Paint & paint brush
Tea lights

How to make it:

1. Remove the label from a metal can, rinse, fill with water and freeze. (Freezing stiffens the metal so that you can punch designs in it.)
2. Once frozen solid, use stencils or patterns to dot along - marking where you will be punching holes. Occasionally you will need to wipe off frost. The more holes, the more light will show through.
3. Use the hammer and nail to punch holes through the can where marked.

4. The bottom of the can may bulge out; use the hammer to even the bottom out.

5. Paint. Holes may need to be re-poked with a needle or tooth pick. Once the paint is dry it is optional to spray with glitter or clear coat for shine.
6. Add battery operated tea light.