How to Make Bookmarks

On the 3rd Day of Christmas, ferti-lome showed me…
How to Make Bookmarks!

With everything going digital sometimes it’s nice to read a real book. Whether it’s a book about companion planting or a mail order seed catalog, distractions happen but you don’t have to lose the page. For those who still like to read the ‘old fashioned’ way here’s an idea to make personalized bookmarks. Let’s make some bookmarks and strategize our gardening plan for next year!

What you’ll need:

Self laminating pouches
Scrapbook paper, wallet sized pictures, Christmas cards, etc.

How to make it:

1. Wallet sized pictures are good to go; other items will need to be trimmed down to business card size.
2. Follow instructions on self laminating pouches to seal.

-Make fun shapes – use a puzzle piece to trace on scrapbook paper.
-If you are stacking paper like the ‘Live Laugh Love’ bookmark in the photo it is best to add a dab of glue and let dry to hold it in place while you seal the pouch.
-Leave room around the edges of the paper to seal the pouch.