How Do I Spray That Huge Tree?

How Do I Spray That Huge Tree?

… Don’t! Use ferti•lome® Tree & Shrub Systemic Insect Drench

This is the easiest product we have to solve your insect problem in large trees and shrubs.

Follow the label directions for mixing with water, and then just pour this mixture around the base of the tree, where the bark meets the ground. This product penetrates into the soil and absorbs into the roots and travels up through your tree (or shrub!) providing year long protection against damaging insects. 

Use for Borers, Leafhoppers, Leaf miner, Pine Tip Larvae, Japanese Beetle, Psyllids (these produce galls), Lacebugs, Scale, Thrips, Sawfly larvae, Whiteflies, Aphids and more

One application should be sufficient for one season, but for those of you in longer growing seasons or with heavy infestation, contact your local garden center or nursery for the proper timing in your area to start these applications. As always read and follow label directions.