Bug Control for Tree & Shrub

Insect infestations can harm the trees and shrubs around your home. In some areas or with certain types of plants it is recommended to treat your trees and shrubs on a regular basis. We call this a “pro-active” approach. In other areas or with certain types of plants we take a more “reactive” approach, only treating after we see a problem. Due to the vast differences in plants and the regions of the country we make several products to help you control insects in and around your trees and shrubs. We also have products that combine fertilizers or fungicides with bug killers. Your local VPG Dealer will help you pick what type of insect control product is right for your region and your type of plant.

Your local VPG Dealer can also show you how to combine insect control, disease control, weed control and fertilization into a simple program that will help you get the most from your trees & shrubs.