Rose Food 5-4-3 (3 lbs)

Supplies vital nutrients for Roses, producing more & larger flowers with strong stems and greener bushes.

Application Rates:

New Plantings: Dig a hole about 12" across and 18" deep, add peat moss and 3 cups of Natural Guard Rose Food to the soil which was removed and mix thoroughly. Use the new mixture to partially refill hole. Make a cone of soils to place plant on. Spread roots evenly. Add 4-5 inches of soil to firm around roots. Fill hole within 2-3 inches of top, fill with water and let it soak in then finish filling hole. 

Established Plants: Feed monthly from beginning of season to middle of September. Keep plants mulched and watered.  Individual Plants: Apply approximately 1-¼ cups around each plant and mix into the top inch of soil.  Rose Beds: Spread 3 lbs. per 33 sq. ft. of bed area and mix into the top inch of soil.
Brand: Natural Guard
Cases Per Pallet: 35
Product Number: 40330
Size: 3lb
UPC Number: 7-32221-40330-7