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(Portulaca Oleraca)

Purslane is a summer annual with prostrate growth from a tap root and fibrous surface roots. The leaves are thick and waxy, resembling a Jade plant. The leaves usually alternate, with a cluster at the tip of the stem. Stems are thick, red in color, and branch out from a central point, forming a mat up to 1 foot in diameter.

Dense, vigorous cool-season turf areas will resist infestation. Physical removal of single plants can be easily accomplished, although it is important to eliminate all stem fragments. Follow good turf management practices including disease and insect control and proper fertilization. Purslane can become a problem in newly seeded areas. It is best to avoid attempting to establish new stands of cool-season turfgrass in the spring. Fall seedling establishment will not be threatened by purslane aggression.

Source:  Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

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